Editing As a Service

Editing As a Service

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You have footage and want to use video for social posting, product demonstrations, and commercials. You want to make videos from all the cool stuff you have so you can tell the world! You generate about 15 minutes or less of raw footage each week and you want a team to turn that footage into videos you can use everywhere.

- BUT -

  • You don’t have a editor
  • You don’t have time to go search on Fiverr
  • You can’t ask your best friend for 1 more favor

You need help.

You need affordable quality editing at a predictable price delivered consistently.

Diesel Jack Media is proud to offer Editing As a Service.

Here’s how it works.

Add this to cart and pay for your first month.

A project manager will invite you to a Basecamp project where you will be able to put in your editing requests. You can create as many requests as you want. 

One by one, our editors will work on your videos that meet your requests. 

The more specific you are with your request, the more likely we will be able to hit the edit from the start.

In addition to all the footage you have, you can supply information, photographs, inspiration or anything else to help influence the cut. 

The edit shall be governed by 4 business days Service Level Agreement. This means we will revert your edit and requests within 4 full business days.

If you want edits, or want more footage added, just supply it and we'll revert another look in 4 more days.

Once you are satisfied, we will move onto the next video.


How much footage can I submit at one time?
Here are guidelines for how long it takes to review footage, and create an edit. It takes at approximately 2 minutes to review every 1 minute of footage. So if you submit 40 hours of footage, your video will take longer than 5 days, but we will work on it!

It takes approximately 8 hours of editing to produce 1 minute of edited final product with 10 cuts (1 cut every 60 seconds) when searching across a large catalog of footage.

Ok this is getting lame and technical, so why are we telling you this? In order to revert a video in less than 4 days, we are expecting less than 15 minutes of footage. This allows our team to gather, upload, tag, stage, and cut a video. If you submit more, our monthly price doesn't change, but the turn times will.

We will work on the project continuously until the project is complete.

Can more than one video be worked on at a time?
The team will only work on one video at a time. 

Can I submit more than one request?
Yes. You can submit more than one request, but our team will only work on one at a time. 

What if I can’t write down my complete request? Can I meet with someone?
This service is for people who don’t want to meet and hate meetings. This is for people who want to turn a cell phone camera on and record themselves describing what they want and posting that little video as the request, which by the way, is a great way to describe what you are looking for. 

How many videos could I receive in a month?
If you are detailed and thorough, you could get up to 4 videos per month. Add more to your basket if you want more videos delivered each month. Sometimes our editors will revert a look faster than 4 days. If you are happy, keep the video, call it complete, and we will move on to the next video!

Can I cancel after the first month?

What if I don’t need you for the full month?
We cannot offer a refund as we can only accept a limited number of clients for this service. Please only sign up if you are certain you will need continuous services for 30 days.

How much do I need to pay for faster turn times or more projects at the same time?
This is a new service inspired by a company called Design Joy and we are unable to offer faster turns or more projects at the posted price today. We reserve the right to expand services if we feel we can deliver.

What if my video is extremely complicated, or detailed? Can that be turned in fewer days?
Our project manager will notify you immediately if the project is expected to take much longer than the allotted days. This can happen when the video requires substantial cuts or effects packages that we don't have access to. For example if you request to have the screen change every second for 60 straight minutes, we will not be able to complete that for you in 4 days.


Month 1 Was Awesome! Now What?
You will be issued an invoice each month. If you pay it, we continue. If you don't, we shake your hand and keep servicing customers. This is what we do.