It’s Video Time.

Video is the mitochondria of your marketing effort.  In other words, it’s the powerhouse of the marketing cell.  If you understood that reference, then you too remember that and only that from high school biology.  

Video works.  It allows you to scale far more aggressively than using only static content, and it connects people emotionally to your brand.  Odds are, if you’re here reading this, we snagged you with some ridiculous video effort, or you watched one of our videos before eventually clicking on one of our retargeting ads. 

Point. Set. Match.

It may seem daunting, especially if you have no experience in script writing, shooting, editing, special effects, sound editing, color editing, animation, plus the hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment necessary to do it well, but...oh I get it.  It’s actually pretty daunting.  As luck would have it, we’re pretty damn good at it, and we want to help you define your brand with video.

So what kind of video should you make?  There’s a lot of options and we’ll make recommendations based on your brand and where you are in your company’s growth cycle, but here’s some things to think about.

The “Who are you?” Video

We like to start with the “Who are you?” video.  When someone comes to your site for the first time or happens upon your Youtube or Facebook page and they want to know what you’re all about, what do they see?  Customers want to know what drives you, and why you exist.  Most products have substitutes.  If you’re selling something where a customer has a lot of options, then they need to have some reason to care about you.  Since we only work with people we like, odds are your story and your motivations are pretty freaking cool.  So let’s tell people.  

The Anchor Video

The good Anchor Video is the Holy Grail of the online brand.  A well-executed anchor video can completely change your business in a very short period of time.  The anchor video typically includes comedic elements, but most importantly it stands out in a sea of boring and introduces your brand to a ton of new people in a big way that converts potential customers into paying customers.  

When it comes to the anchor video, we can do anything.  If you want to blow up a 747 then hey we can make that happen, but in total transparency a 747 is really expensive so you're going to have to pay for that.  You want Arnold Schwarzenegger to lift you over his head. Sounds awesome. Total transparency, that’s gonna set you back a few millies.  Anything your budget allows, we can do.  We can get well-known Hollywood talent.  We can get influencers.  We can do stunts.  We can blow stuff up.  We can get a Liger.  

But we also realize not everyone can start with, nor do we necessarily recommend, an enormous production.  Our goal is always to scale you from where you are to where you want to be.  So we have entry level anchor video packages that pack a lot of punch on a budget all the way through to Mega Anchor Videos that are full-blown Hollywood productions. Regardless of budget, every anchor video package will include video and static retargeting content that supports that video.  

The Product Testing Video

We have a great relationship with a forensic testing facility run by a bunch of elite Mechanical Engineers and PhDs.  Every day, they are paid by mega-corporations to ensure the safety of many of the products you use today.  And they also work with us, because we’ll ask them to fire your product from a cannon to see what happens, and that’s a lot of fun for all of us.  If you want us to put your products through their paces, whether with hard science or with crazy stuff we dream up while drinking whiskey, we can do it.

The Social Media Engagement Video

Everything doesn’t have to be a big budget production.  We can make some really cool comedic or serious content videos that help drive social media engagement and sales on a budget.  This is a great place to test the waters for companies relatively new to video that aren’t ready for the anchor video investment, or for established companies that want to drive sales from every direction.  All of our Premium CMO customers receive social media engagement videos as part of their services.