Diesel Jack Media: We’ll make people hate you.

Why Diesel Jack

Most marketers suck. They spend a few hours on Facebook and Google classes from dudes preaching how wonderful the “hustle” is and then do marginally better than you would have done yourself, and then they charge you through the nose for it. You pay them money. They give you reports that say you made 10x or whatever, but your revenue doesn’t go up. Deep down you know they suck, but everyone else is doing the same thing, so you think this is the way. Finally you get frustrated and bring up the fact that they suck, and they get defensive and start peddling that snake oil about how you need to give the SEO time to improve and then the magic will really happen. You’ll seem okay for a little while, but deep down you know the magic isn’t coming. So they suck, you’re unhappy, but you’re not sure if you can quit them because you know you need to do something, but you don’t know what something you need to do.

Do us.

No wait. That came out wrong.

Let’s start over.

Our Brand Name

Diesel Jack media is named after Nick Palmisciano’s favorite dog ever, a Jack Russell named Diesel, who lived for 15 years and was an absolutely adorable savage. He was little, but he fought like hell, and he never lost a fight. (Please note the parallels we’re trying to draw between the dog being small and tenacious and our business being small and tenacious. That’s some Grade A Marketing right there.)

Nick used to be in the military. One day he came home in the middle of the night after having spent 24 hours in the woods as a member of the U.S. Army Ranger School cadre, and he unlocked the door to his apartment at like 3 AM. Diesel, not recognizing Nick in the dark, and startled at someone breaking the quiet of the night, sprinted the length of the apartment hallway and leapt into the air like a fur missile, broke the sound barrier, and then torpedoed himself squarely into Nick’s groin, knocking him to the ground.

I guess what we’re saying is that if you’re with us, we’re willing to torpedo ourselves in the groins of your competitors.

A.D.D. Recap
(Attention Deficit Disorder Summary of Text)

Diesel Jack Media is a small boutique agency. We focus on funny, edgy, and sometimes over-the-top marketing. This strategy worked for the founding team, who have all built and operated multi-million dollar revenue companies in several industries. We are confident this will work for you too. Diesel Jack Media offers five key services:

  • Brand and Creative
  • Technology and Integrations
  • E-mail and Text Marketing with Creative
  • Apparel Brand Development
  • Media Buying Services

We operate on pillars of integrity, honesty, and fairness. Our services are on-time, off the wall, and might make some enemies, but along the way, we think you’ll earn raving fanatical customers.

Let’s hit people in the groin together.