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We Don't Suck At Marketing
Get Creative

We work with you to ensure a unique creative result that not only drives growth, but also elevates the brand to the next level. Each client gets an custom plan led by a dedicated Account Manager, there's no cookie cutter, one-fits-all marketing here.

What We Do

Video and Content Creation

Video works.  It allows you to scale far more aggressively than using only static content, and it connects people emotionally to your brand. 
So what kind of video should you make?  There’s a lot of options and we’ll make recommendations based on your brand and where you are in your company’s growth cycle.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is built into every service we provide at Diesel Jack Media. 

The reason we operate in this manner is that we always want everything we do for you to be actionable and add immediate value. 

We try to make everything simple.  We assess where you are.  We lay out a plan.  We let you pick the services you want us to take care of on that plan. 

Let's Talk
Advertising Ninjas

The Foundational Service that we like to start all new clients on is Facebook Advertising.  That service starts and ends at $3,500 a month, and we ask that you stay on for a minimum of three months.  We also ask that you commit at least $3,500 a month in Facebook spend.  Unlike most other firms, our Facebook advertising INCLUDES custom creative imagery.  

There's More...

Other Services

Graphic Design - 3D Animation
Email & Text Marketing - Website Development - Google Advertising - PR
Product Development - Product Photography - Promotional Material

Video Editing - 3D Outros - Highlight Reels - Drone Filming - Event Coverage - Documentaries -

Don't See What You Need?

We've done so much custom work for clients at this point, it's worth asking to see if we can help!

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