Website Development

How’s that Website?

Do you like your website?  One of the first things we’re going to do when we start working with you is assess your website.  We want it to be good.  If it isn’t good, then no problem, we can help you make it long as you want to move it to Shopify.  We like Shopify.  We think it's the best platform out there.  It’s cheap.  It has a lot of functionality.  It plays well with just about everything.  It has the biggest application playground in eCommerce. All good things.

That being said, there’s no pressure from us to move to Shopify.  But if you want to move somewhere else, it won’t be us doing it because we don’t want to be part of moving you to something we know won’t do as well for you as Shopify. If you work with us, you will only get our best efforts.  If something better than Shopify comes along, we’ll dump it, and start using BetterThanShopify. 

It’s a simple life code, but it works.