Email and Text Marketing

Email Services

Once you have your ads humming and you’re acquiring new customers like crazy, you should never have to pay for ads to reach them again.  We will build your emails, build automation around a Welcome series, a Left-Cart series, a Birthday series, and whatever other triggers make sense for your company.  If you’re operating off of an email-platform that automatically syncs to Facebook, we’ll perform all of those connections as well in order to keep your ad audiences as accurate as possible.  A well-run email campaign can easily be your top-performing revenue source, and we want to get you there fast.

Let’s Do Text Too

Our text team was rated at the very top of the very best text provider on the planet, which is pretty cool.  While it is certainly more expensive to send texts than it is to send emails, a good text campaign so vastly outperforms email on a person to person comparison, that as you scale, it becomes imperative to add this feature.  That was a lot of words that really just came down to:  You should text.  It works. We’re great at it.