Clarify your message, get people onboard, and increase your impact in the world  

DJM is a full service marketing agency that helps you clarify and amplify your message to drive more donations for greater impact. 

Who it's for

DJM is for existing Non-Profits willing to invest six figures or more per year into marketing to drive more online donations.

What DJM helps them achieve

1. Tell your story in long-form interview and in 30-60 second snippets so people will listen

2. Event coverage to generate your most powerful content to spread your message even further 

3. Email and Text automation for retention and donation acquisitions

4. Increase your online donations significantly, either strengthening already existing programs, or building your online donations to a point where they rival or surpass your “check donations”

5. Design your graphics for social media and for merchandise

Some of the Non-Profits we've worked with

How to get started

If you’re an existing Non-Profit or Charity interested in clarifying and amplifying your message to drive more donations for greater impact. 

Send us a message below and somebody from our team will reach back out to see if DJM is a good fit.