FB Advertising

We start with Facebook and Instagram Advertising for immediate ROI.

The Foundational Service that we like to start all new clients on is Facebook Advertising.  That service starts and ends at $3,500 a month, and we ask that you stay on for a minimum of three months.  We also ask that you commit at least $3,500 a month in Facebook spend.  Unlike most other firms, our Facebook advertising INCLUDES custom creative imagery.  

May I repeat, it INCLUDES creative. Other agencies charge you $3,000-$6,000 a month while they make TikToks all day. We actively create the content that we back with advertising to lift your sales. And when we say create content, we don’t just mean we connect a catalog from shopify to Facebook and retarget your own images all day.  We build new campaigns continuously, to make sure your brand shows up at the black tie event of the season wearing leopard skin underwear.  You’ll get noticed.

Within 3 months, 90 days, one QTR, whatever you want to call it, we are very confident a huge impact will be seen in your online sales. If not, dump us and say bad things about our moms.  But that won’t happen because you’re going to be shocked that we actually give a shit and keep working at it until we get it right, and then we work at it some more.

Why do we start with advertising?  We’ve now worked with a lot of clients, and many of those clients work with multiple agencies.  Some of those agencies are pretty damn good and we respect their craft.  Many more of those agencies are stealing oxygen.  When a client is using an ad partner that is not competent, we feel like we’re flushing our creative efforts and your money down the toilet.  That pisses us off and leaves you unhappy.  Everyone being upset sucks, so we refuse to set you up for failure by coming on board when we don’t control the necessary variables for success.

How do we deliver elite creative ads and manage the media buying on only $3,500?  We run it at little or no profit.  We don’t want your ad business.  We want to make you successful and continue to increase our partnership with you until we either act as your CMO or report to your CMO and manage all marketing activities.

But every great journey starts with a single dog holding a gasoline pump in his mouth marketing company step, and Facebook ads with us is that step.