A Diesel Jack Commercial Combo
A Diesel Jack Commercial Combo
A Diesel Jack Commercial Combo
A Diesel Jack Commercial Combo

A Diesel Jack Commercial Combo

Regular price $500.00


Have you ever wanted your very own commercial that gets you luscious sales?

Have you ever wanted an agency to set up your ad campaign so it’s like an ATM? Every time you pump some dollars in, even more dollars fall out?

Well do we have a deal for you!

From April 26th - May 4th, Diesel Jack Media is offering our ultra rare Commercial Combo.

Each Combo will include: 

  1. 30 sec scripted commercial that will be formatted for Facebook and YouTube
  2. A testimonial commercial where it’s you telling the world how awesome your product is
  3. A Facebook Ad campaign set up to leverage your 2 commercials

Total Cost: $6,000

How to Book a Combo: 

  1. Select your date
  2. Pay your $500 deposit
  3. Connect with your Account Manager and get the ball rolling!


Who will write my commercial?

We will write it, but you need to be with us every step of the way to edit it to completion. If we cannot arrive to a final agreement before shooting, your Combo will be cancelled and deposit will be forfeited. You will be able to keep and use the script that was written for you.

Who will acquire all of the props?

We will contribute up to $1,000 to booking a location and acquiring props necessary for your shoot. Any extra props or set pieces will need to be acquired by you.

Do I really just show up and get two commercials and an ad campaign?


Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee that the work will be sharp and the final product will be in excellent quality. Your sales results will be dependent on many factors (some in our control, and others not). We recommend choosing the Combo because you’ve always wanted a commercial but could never afford to have one. 

I already have a script. Will you film mine as it is?

Please send and we will tell you if we can complete the script in the time allotted and with the $5,000 in service fees and $1,000 in props and locations. 

When will my commercial be edited

You will get your first look within 14 days of filming. 

Will you travel further than 20miles of Durham?

Not for the current price. 

Have you ever done this before?

Yes. In Texas. It was glorious.

When is the $5,500 balance due?

Your balance must be paid within 10 days of filming in order for us to continue.