Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Diesel Jack Media is a fast-growing boutique marketing agency that specializes in video, media buying, and marketing strategy.  We’re also extremely weird, and we’re looking for weird people with the same mindset.

We’re not weird in that we give ourselves cute little nicknames like ninjas or growth hackers or anything like that.  We’re weird because we really do give a shit.  We want to transform businesses for hard-working entrepreneurs beyond what they could have imagined.  We only take clients we like, so we’re never checking the box or phoning it in.  If we work with someone, as far as we’re concerned, we’re part of their company.

The reason we’re putting it in this job posting is because we want you to know what you’re getting into.  When you care about the client’s success, you understand it isn’t about clocking hours.  It’s about delivering results, no matter what that takes.

Our entire company is structured that way.  We’re very egalitarian with almost no hierarchy outside of the founders, who act as part of multiple teams.  Everyone gets peer ratings, and the employees literally have the power to remove other employees that aren’t putting forth effort.  It’s not a place to coast. 

We’re also extremely honest with each other.  If the work we produce doesn’t cut it, we tell each other.  This means sometimes you are not going to be made to feel special.  We also all tell you when you create awesome work, but that never seems to be the issue.  It’s the people who can’t take constructive criticism that tend to slowly turn into a blob that evaporates into the carpet never to be seen again.  So please be honest with yourself.

That doesn’t mean we have a miserable work environment.  We have a lot of fun, but that’s possible because we don’t have anyone that isn’t awesome at what they do and trying to knock out their piece of the pie in the best way possible.

If you want to show up to work, knock out a few things, and go home, then please do not apply. You will not be a good fit.

Up to this point, it probably sounds like we’re telling you not to apply, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We just don’t want to waste either of our times if you’re not talented and hardcore. 

Along those lines though, the company also puts its money where its mouth is.  We pay 100% of a great Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health/Vision/Dental plan, have a matching 401k, flexible work accommodations, and once you’re through your trial employee period, access to profit sharing.

If that’s appealing, here’s what we are looking for in a Graphic Designer

  1. You know how to use Adobe Creative Suite and you use it well. Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects are a must but the more you know, the greater of an asset you can be to our team. 
  2. You can illustrate.
  3. You know...graphic design.  Especially key here is making products that are different, but have consistent elements that ensure they look like the same brand. 
  4. You can work on the fly. We have a wide variety of customers and they all have different needs and tempos.  No matter who we are working with, we work as fast and efficiently as possible to make sure our clients get what they need, when they need it.
  5. You don’t get your feelings hurt easily. As a graphic designer we understand your art is your baby, but we are going to be honest with our opinion of your designs. Sometimes we are going to tell you that your baby is ugly and you need to start over. Other times you might have the most beautiful baby anyone has ever seen. Usually it's the former so having tough skin is a must. We will probably like something you make eventually...maybe, but only maybe. 
  6. You understand branding and how to work with a company's brand guide to make consistent and professional artwork. Some of our clients let us run wild while others want us to stay within very narrow parameters. You will be creating graphics for specific marketing campaigns, holiday sales, new product releases and much more, so having an eye for branding is key. If you are designing for a rugged military apparel company and you use Papyrus font, you are wrong. If you design a scary bear mascot with bloody teeth and claws for a relaxing wax melt company you are wrong. Our clients have built their brands from the ground up and it is our job to support them in growing their brand, and we can’t do that if you think it’s okay to use Papyrus...really ever.  Don’t use Papyrus.
  7. You are willing to learn. We understand that you may not know everything about graphic design but if you are willing to learn we will give you opportunities to grow. We have people on our team who have taken the time to teach themselves animation, video editing and even writing. We want someone who is looking to up level themselves as much as they want to up level Diesel Jack. 
  8. You can provide creative feedback for our video team, writing team, or account team. Even if one of those might not be your lane, we look to everyone here for their artistic vision. Maybe you will see something someone missed, maybe you can add a splash of comedy to a skit or not but at least you tried. 
  9. You can come up with actionable ideas on your own. We have teams who work to come up with ideas for designs and material for you to use, but the more efficient you are on your own, the easier you make everyone else's job. Which naturally makes people like you more. The more ideas you bring to the table, the more we are able to do for our clients and the more we can grow. If everyone here just did their one job, we wouldn’t be the successful growing company that we are. Not all of your ideas are going to be winners, but we need you to try. 

    If you have all the above skills plus you can do video editing or animation or writing as well, well then sweeeeeeeeet!

    Qualifications:  We don’t care if your qualifications come in the form of degrees or experience, but you need to show us you can do the job well on day one. You could be a grad from a community college or have a Masters in Fine Arts. The only thing we care about is that you can perform and get the job done.

    If you’ve read this far and aren’t scared and/or don’t hate us, then drop your resume and portfolio (if applicable) to

    Job Selection Process

    1. Write to us at
    2. Submit at minimum some work samples or proof of work
    3. 30 min phone screen
    4. 4 hour skills test
    5. If selected, prepare to meet the team to make sure we all get along.
    6. Job offer