Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager

Diesel Jack Media is a fast-growing boutique marketing agency that specializes in video, media buying, and marketing strategy.  We’re also extremely weird, and we’re looking for weird people with the same mindset.

We’re not weird in that we give ourselves cute little nicknames like ninjas or growth hackers or anything like that.  We’re weird because we really do give a shit.  We want to transform businesses for hard-working entrepreneurs beyond what they could have imagined.  We only take clients we like, so we’re never checking the box or phoning it in.  If we work with someone, as far as we’re concerned, we’re part of their company.

The reason we’re putting it in this job posting is because we want you to know what you’re getting into.  When you care about the client’s success, you understand it isn’t about clocking hours.  It’s about delivering results.

Our entire company is structured that way.  We’re very egalitarian with almost no hierarchy outside of the founders, who act as part of multiple teams.  Everyone gets peer ratings, and the employees literally have the power to remove other employees that aren’t putting forth effort.  It’s not a place to coast. 

We’re also extremely honest with each other.  If the work we produce doesn’t cut it, we tell each other.  This means sometimes you are not going to be made to feel special.  We also all tell you when you create awesome work, but that never seems to be the issue.  It’s the people who can’t take constructive criticism that tend to slowly turn into a blob that evaporates into the carpet never to be seen again.  So please be honest with yourself.

That doesn’t mean we have a miserable work environment.  We have a lot of fun, but that’s possible because we don’t have anyone that isn’t awesome at what they do and trying to knock out their piece of the pie in the best way possible.

If you want to show up to work, knock out a few things, and go home, then please do not apply. You will not be a good fit.

Up to this point, it probably sounds like we’re telling you not to apply, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We just don’t want to waste either of our times if you’re not talented and hardcore. 

Along those lines though, the company also puts its money where its mouth is.  We pay 100% of a great Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health/Vision/Dental plan, have a 5% matching 401k, flexible work accommodations, and once you’re through your trial employee period, access to profit sharing, which we distribute quarterly at 20% of all corporate profits.

If that’s appealing, here’s what we are looking for in an Account Manager

  1. You have the drive and skill to be an Account Manager. How do we define that?  We do not believe in sales.  Salespeople will say anything to get people to sign, and then right after the deal, the customer gets assigned an account manager who has to tell them most of what was told to them by the salesperson was bullshit.  The account manager will either be the first person the prospective client talks to, or he/she will be introduced immediately after a client is signed.  From that point forward, the client is your responsibility.  It’s your job to make sure their business grows, period.  You’re driving the train on deliverables from the various content teams, and you’re making sure that the marketing strategy developed in concert with you, the strategy team, and the writing team, is executed.
  2. You can handle a book of business that is worth 10x your baseline salary.  If you make 70k, then we expect you can handle a 700k book of business while delivering premium service.  You are the tip of the spear in ensuring that our clients are taken care of at a very high level.  Your performance also has a lot to do with how your team will perform and be compensated.  If any of that sounds uncomfortable for you, then you will have a hard time here.  We believe in outsized accountability.  Whatever happens or fails to happen in your accounts is completely on you.
  3. You have experience working as an account manager in an advertising and/or marketing capacity.  This means that you have dealt with video ads, static ads, Facebook Business Manager, Google Adwords, and maybe LinkedIn Insights and TikTok.  We want to be perfectly clear, while we invest time in training all of our employees, we are looking for someone who we can train on our way of doing things, but not how to do the job.  We expect that you can do the job on day one, and then we want to invest in making you better.
  4. You can be a team player.  Ideation happens at the group level.  Execution happens at the individual level.  Our account managers work extremely well together to ensure each other succeeds and solves any problems as a collective.  We expect collaboration and a sharing of best practices.  This isn’t Glengarry Glen Ross.  We’re all friends.

If you have multiple skills that crossover several job functions all the better!  In particular, we are interested in account managers who can also perform copywriting, media buying, or have some artistic skill - graphic design, photography, or editing.  While these skills won’t make up a large part of your job (unless you have a passion for them), we have found that account managers that understand the creative side of the business are the most skilled in delivering above customer expectations.

Qualifications:  We don’t care if your qualifications come in the form of degrees or experience, but you need to show us you can do the job well on day one.  To that end, expect a thorough skills test as part of the interview process.  Put another way, we don’t care how much you’ve studied how to hit a baseball, we only care that you can hit. Veteran service is preferred, but not required.

If you’ve read this far and aren’t scared and/or don’t hate us, then drop your resume and portfolio (if applicable) to

Job Selection Process

  1. Write to us at
    1. Give us your resume and a cover letter, but only if the cover letter isn’t bullshit and jargon, and specifically addresses why you’d be a great fit HERE.
    2. Otherwise, please do not bother, with a cover letter.
  2. 30 min phone screen
  3. 1-2 hour skills test
  4. If selected, prepare to meet the team to see if we can get along.
  5. Job offer


  • $70-$80k based on qualifications.
  • Free medical/dental/vision.
  • 5% 401k match.
  • Profit sharing at one year time in service.